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Mental Math is a new age app for the youth which will keep them engaged along with developing their skills.

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Welcome To Mental Math

Mental Math is a new age app for today's children which will keep them engaged along with developing their skills.

Mental Math is built to teach calculation techniques and sharpen the children's arithmetic skill. It will help them to boost their concentration and enhance their analytical skills. We offer a child-friendly introduction to the use of Abacus, both the tool and ultimately the mental theory concepts. Thus, maintaining the interest and holistic approach towards learning.

Our mission is to encourage the positive growth in the children of this society, who are the future of this world. We provide a platform to support every child to help them gain arithmetic skills and strengthen their potential to excel, not just in academe, but also handle various other aspects of life in a smoother, healthier and more positive way.

Community Love for Mental Math

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My Son used this App, I was observing his work during he was doing Math, I could say this App's developers did great job.. step by step and so easy to use so children can study themselves. It shows results and time duration used for total exercise. Beaty of this app is all exercises are given under time limit so children can work with more exercises under given timeline..that can improve children's total brain storming power. I highly recommend to download this app.

Nayana P.
Web Developer

Good app to do quick sum example. Very helpful to students.

Hitesh P.

I am, ATHARV studying in grade 3, I am using this app, I am enjoying this Mental Math app because it's easy to use and gives me more and more enjoyable steps with results at the end. Also, helps me to improve in math. I recommend to use this app.

Atharv P.

Very nice kids love this app...learning is fun here

Komal B.

Good 👍, helpful to improve logical thinking....

Vekariya A.

Perfect trendsetter app to practice maths

Kalpesh P.


Begin The Fun

Learn arithmetic techniques to solve complex calculations on the GO!

Math - A New Normal

Learn to use the ABACUS tool to solve complex mathematical calculations.

Bar The Bookworm

Excel in math by solving in-app exercises to increase your arithmetic skill set.

Who are we?

  • We pride in our ability to create custom solutions precisely designed to meet individual's needs. Using our standards-aligned Mental Math App, students succeed in high-stakes assessments and significantly improve their rankings. We are working attentively to build an empathetic learning platform that cultivates student achievement.

  • With our digital learning solutions, students are prepared with all the necessary resources to support all-year self-paced learning anytime, everywhere.

  • In providing Abacus instruction, our objective is to encourage students to prosper. When a child experiences success, they certainly grow in confidence and self-esteem, as well as in their aspiration to continue the hunt of that success. What’s more, with our dedicated instruction is our hope for your child to build a solid and strong base of mental mathematics with enduring skills.

Who are we
Our Vision

Our Vision

To create innovative and resourceful learning solutions to support the prototype shift in the skill level of a student.

  • Realistic Assessment Practice To Ensure Improved Test Scores
  • Reach everyone - Teach everyone Methodology
  • Student is at the heart of everything we do
  • Co-operative spirit to impact positive outcomes
  • Support personalized learning for every learner
  • We serve as a Mental Accelerator to grasp the logical ways
  • Rigorous Standards-aligned Learning Content
  • Insightful and Actionable Reports to Monitor Student Progress and Measure Growth

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Benefits of Abacus

  • Abacus based Mental Arithmetic System to improve the child’s logic.
  • Improves enduring brain skills such as Concentration, Mathematics, Creativity and Visualization..
  • Discover and bring out the hidden prospective of children.
  • Solve mental calculations without using the Abacus instrument.
  • Removes the fright of mathematics.
  • Makes math fun to learn.
  • Teaches Clear Logical Reasoning.
  • Heightens stronger Mental Visualization Skills.
  • Develops Problem Solving Ability.
  • Increases Multitasking Ability.
  • Overall Academic Achievement.
  • Betterment in Self Discipline & Development of fine motor skills.
  • Enhanced Logical Capabilities and Creativity.


The Digital Application acts like a personalized companion which teaches, guides and helps the child learn and practice at their own pace.

The Main features of the Mobile Application are its ability to provide the Students with Intelligent features and provide a holistic approach which makes learning mathematics - A Fun.

There are various levels in our App which consists of various exercises. You will get badges after you pass each level.

Yes! With visualization and practice, a child will easily solve complex problems in seconds. With improved visualization, problem-solving skills, concentration and logic application, a child will experience an increase in their confidence level and better academic performance.

Mental Math provides overall brain development; therefore, with abacus training, children can polish their logical ability, memory, focus, and creativity.

Based on our experience a child needs to practice to polish and evolve their skills. Therefore training on an abacus at home is essential. We also acknowledge that parents might not be familiar with the abacus and find it difficult to guide their kids.

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The Application is compatible on both Android and iOS platforms and can be used on any type of Mobile Phone / Tablet or Hand held device.

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